Saturday, February 16, 2013

Birds of Paradise!!!

Heya Jammers! Theres a new party called the Birds of Paradise Party. Inside you have to find a lot of birds. These are where to find all of them, I will post them once I find them. Also, I have noticed this blog has gotten a lot of views so make this blog popular!


King of Saxony:
To the left of the cart in the middle
of the bush.

Paradise Riflebird: Follow the path on the right
until you see some trees like this.

Victoria's Riflebird: Go to the bottom left corner
with a tree with blue flowers under it.

Red Bird: Always on a blue berry looking plant. Bottom left corner.

                                                                                  Blue Bird: Lands on cart then flys off.


  1. This is a really cool blog, thank you so much! Maybe we could meet on AJ sometime?

  2. I agree with Chloe Masson, this is a really awesome blog.
    You seem like an epic Jammer want to join my fox clan on AJ?

  3. Usally I don't join clans cause I just like to play AJ and host partys at my den but you can buddy me if you want

  4. Hi i can't find the one that is near the king-bird-of-paradise in the journal help

  5. Please put the name of the bird and I will help

  6. Thanks! I was having a hard time with it... xd

  7. I need one more bird but I cant find it D: