Monday, October 22, 2012

Kani Cove Journey Book Guide

Hello Jammers, these are the locations of all those hidden animals and items.

Nautilus: It rarely shows up and swims past the sunken ship, and near the barrels to the right.

Hammerhead Shark: It ocasionally shows up and swims from the Aquarium, past the pole, and leaves behind the weeds at the top.

Sea Urchin: Its always there! Its to the top of the treasure chest.

Conch: Its always there! It crawls from the Deep Blue sign to the tresure chest.
Cuttlefish: It's commonly seen, it speeds along the very bottom back and forth under the patch of red plants.
Parrotfish: It's always there! It swims in the red plants.
Spotted Snake Eel: Very commonly seen, it comes in and out of the closest barrel to the shipwreck.
Cormorant: It's almost always there! It can be found by the ripped sail of the shipwreck diving in after the school of fish.